Dirty Hairy Dog Wash



  1. Consequences Of Poor Pet Hygiene Part III

    In the final post of a three part blog series, we will continue to discuss consequences of poor pet hygiene. In the last two blogs, we talked about how your pet’s hygiene can negatively affect their health. Making sure that they get the hygienic care they need such as, nail clipping and a dog wash is a responsibility that any dog parent has. And while it’s important that your dog has good hyg…Read More

  2. Consequences Poor Dog Grooming Upkeep Part II

    In our last blog we discussed how not promoting good pet hygiene can be detrimental to their health. Not clipping your pet’s nails can lead to arthritis of the hips, hair mattes can cause skin sores and infection, and dirty ears can lead to inflammation and infection as well.  But these are just a few of the aspects of dog grooming. What else does your pet’s hygiene upkeep require of you? Cle…Read More

  3. How A Lack Of Dog Grooming Can Affect Your Pet’s Health

    As a pet owner, the health of your dog is your sole responsibility. Your pet is your fur baby, so it’s important that you pay close attention to them, as well as show them love and affection. A part of being a good pet owner is providing good dog grooming on a regular basis. Not doing this can result in suffering for your pet. Here are the top ten ways that your pet might suffer, should you negl…Read More

  4. Top 5 Reasons to use a Dog Grooming Service

    Taking care of your fur baby is not only necessary but it can be  fun. Your furry little sidekick is not only your best friend but is like your child as well. This means taking care of some of their most basic needs such as bathroom breaks, food and water of course, and bathing them regularly. All of these things can be handled at home, but bathing can get a little difficult not to mention, messy…Read More


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