Dirty Hairy Dog Wash



In the final post of a three part blog series, we will continue to discuss consequences of poor pet hygiene. In the last two blogs, we talked about how your pet’s hygiene can negatively affect their health. Making sure that they get the hygienic care they need such as, nail clipping and a dog wash is a responsibility that any dog parent has. And while it’s important that your dog has good hygiene for their health, but it’s also important for your health as well. What consequences can you face by neglecting your pet’s hygiene?

1.Dinge – When your dog goes outside and plays in the dirt every day, they come back in the house and spread that dirt everywhere they go. While it’s not possible to completely eliminate that amount of dirt every single day, it is possible to simply give your pet a dog wash every couple weeks.

2.Fleas – Not keeping your pet’s hygiene in good health can cause them to get fleas that can end up in your house, and even worse, in your hair!

3.Allergies – As your pet’s coat continues to gather dinge and dust, it can get difficult to keep your allergies in check. Not only does the pet dander they already have affect you, but the added dirt and make it worse.

The easiest way to keep your pet’s hygiene health in good condition, while also keeping your house clean, is by taking them to a dog groomer. You can benefit from the a full service dog wash, or even wash your dog yourself with their available tools and dog wash space. Contact your Top Rated Local Dog Groomer today to schedule your time for a dog wash.


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