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Very Happy With This Place

Very happy with this place for self-serve dog washing!
We have been about three times now, and it looks like they have just renovated a bit inside. We use the tubs to wash our dog because he is a bit nervous/shy, so we don’t want to make him miserable by leaving him with groomers, but he is also very furry, so we don’t want to wash him in our own tub and have to deal with the hair.
Just to wash your dog is $15, which includes shampoo, ear cleaner, and towels, and no time limit. The tubs are nice, easy to walk the dog into (assuming they are willing), with long hoses with adjustable sprayer heads, and real tub faucet handles so you can adjust the temperature accurately. We have used the mango shampoo, smells nice, and today we used the peppermint, which was very easy to lather, no complaints with the shampoos. There is a blueberry facial (?) you can use (we just use the shampoo) and ear cleaner, plus plenty of towels and those aprons to keep you dry (or at least not soaked).

For an additional $5 you can use the blow dryers and other grooming tools (brushes, nail clippers, etc). Again, for our extreme shedder, the $5 is well worth being able to blow out all the extra fur and leave it behind. Short haired dogs can probably skip it. Previously the grooming tools were out on a shelf, we didn’t see them today, but we didn’t ask either.

We were able to go around 4:30 on a Wednesday, there was nobody else there at the time, which was nice for our dog to not be nervous with other noises/dogs. We used to use Scrub a Dog, but since they moved they no longer have the self-serve, so this is now our go-to spot!

Jenny O. - Houston, TX

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